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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Poetry in Describing Love

A Mr. Wigner penned a pome
As bemused preface to a tome
Astounded how the words he writ
So well described his tale in it.
How strange that words, along with signs,
Portray the way our world aligns.
Eyes, I have two.
Yes, what a twist! 
Look, two’s a number on the list!
How weird when one has eyes to see,
That sums fit one’s reality.
And odd, a sonnet draws my woe
Since it was thought up long ago.
Unfeasibly, verse scans Love’s plan.
How queer a season’s like a man.
A gift we cannot understand,
No more deserve than breast or hand.
What miracle!  Thus it must be
That Love is made from poetry.

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